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Introduction to Volunteering in sport – Club Solutions Courses

Introduction to Volunteering in sport

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This course has been designed to help you take the first steps to improving the volunteer culture at your club.

You’ll learn top tips on creating a positive volunteering environment at your club, how you can recruit volunteers and keep them!

Throughout the course you’ll be asked to input your thoughts and information. You’ll be able to do this in a number of text boxes – pressing submit will save your information. You can then download the information you have submitted, to your desktop by pressing the ‘Download PDF’ button (on the final slide of each section). After you have completed this online course you will be invited to a face to face follow up session, your downloaded information will be useful for this.

You will be able to download a certificate once you have completed the course – just ensure that you have clicked the ‘Mark Complete’ button once you have gone through a section (this can take a few minutes to update).

To learn how to navigate the course watch the below tutorial: